TUB & TILE Made Easy

TUB & TILE Made Easy

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Article #2 of the BATHROOM series… TUB & TILE.

Everyone… literally everyone hates to clean out their tub and scrub their tile. Its not that fun, and usually you will work up  sweat… but it just has to get done or you will end up with mold, mildew, or buildup.

Deep breath, we can do this. I have broken the tub and tile experience down to just 4 EASY STEPS.

What you will need is: a spray bottle (nothing fancy, mine is from walmart), Meyers Clean Day All purpose cleaning solution, vinegar, a scrubby brush, a rag, and a large measuring cup or small bucket.

Before you start, fill your spray bottle with warm or cool water, and add one capful of the all purpose solution and about ¼ cup white distilled vinegar.

#1 Take your rag, wet it, and wipe down the sides and edges of your tub and tile. Don’t forget the top edge of the tile!

#2 Use your spray bottle to spray down the entire tub, tile, showerhead, and faucet. All of it, and be pretty generous. The vinegar and cleaning solution will go to work killing germs and loosening caked on goop. Let that sit for 15 minutes.

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#3 Fun part, take your scrubby brush, wet it, and pour a little of the cleaning concentrate directly on the brush. Go to town on the tile, tub sides, and faucet. This part isn’t the most fun, but because you sprayed first, it will be much easier to see that the mold and mildew is being removed.

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TIP: If you have a stubborn section of build up, simply sprinkle a little baking soda over it and continue to use your scrubby brush. The added abrasion will help get it off without extra effort from you!

#4 Last step. The objective is to rinse the soap and debris off of the shower walls and tub. If you do not have a hald held shower head.. There is another easy way. I like to fill a large measuring cup or small bucket with hot water and pour it down the sides. This makes it INFINITELY easier than attempting to do it with a wet rag… over… and over again.

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And it’s done! That wasn’t so bad.

TIP: as a preventative measure, when you see any mold or buildup forming in your shower take the same solution as above, and spray it down after your shower. This will save you energy when it comes time to clean. 

Stay tuned for next week.. where I will be answering a customer question about bathroom cleaning. 


Callie Q.

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