Sparkling Sink in Just 5 Minutes!

Happy Thursday everyone.

I know its been awhile since I’ve written last… bear with me. My schedule gets crazy.

Today I wanted to start a series on the BATHROOM. Our favorite place to clean… NOT!

It’s usually full of wonderful delights for us to clean on a pretty regular basis. My job is to guide you through some easy ways to clean your bathroom the green way.

In this article you will learn how to clean your sink in 5 MINUTES or less! How do you do this? With a few simple ingredients: Meyers Clean day All Purpose Cleaner, a scrubby brush, a rag, and some warm water.

If your sink is like mine… it gets clean and sparkly and then in less than a week its filthy again? Every week, I ask myself.. “what is this? What tornado of disaster came through here???” but this is life.. and when it comes to cleaning off that toothpaste crusted sink I have an easy 3 Step solution.

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#1 – Wet your rag with some nice warm water, wipe down your faucet, sink, and counter. DON’T SCRUB, this is just to help take off major dirt, dust, and debris.

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#2 – Wet your scrubby brush and apply a small amount of all purpose cleaner onto it. Use this to easily scrub down your faucet (get into all those nooks and crannies), the sink bowl (don’t forget that darn rim of the drain), and spots of toothpaste on the counter top.

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#3 – Take your rag… remember to rinse it out…please lol. Wash off the soap suds and reclaim your now clean sink, faucet, and counter.

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Enjoy pictures of steps 1 and 2, along with some great before and afters!

That’s it! No fuss, just 3 products and 3 steps!

Enjoy your sparkly clean sink and faucet for another week ;)

Remember to keep following for tips and tricks to getting your bathroom TUB & TILE clean!


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