Pots & Pans in 3 Easy steps! (even stovetop tips)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sorry I skipped last weeks post, but I was SWAMPED with Halloween to do lists. We are continuing the KITCHEN with pots and pans and maybe even the stovetop. Yes you heard me.

Imagine this, you are tired from work, school, life etc and you manage to muster the energy to cook dinner… and then there’s the aftermath. Those so called non-stick pans are caked with burnt residue or stuck on crusties from whatever delicious thing you made.

NEVER fear. Cleaning pots and pans is extremely easy, and you will not have to scrub! How great is that?

You will need : your stovetop (yes it caused the mess but don’t be angry with it), hot water (from the tap is fine), coarse salt, baking soda, and your dish scrub brush.

First things first. It is NICE if you have been soaking your pan overnight, but not essential. Drain the water and see if any of your crusties have come out. Next step is important! If you have been soaking the pan in your sink please, please, PLEASE check the bottom of the pan for food. The sink is a mischievous place, and we don’t even want to talk about the damage that food will do to your stovetops (but we will later on).

Just three steps to go. (1) First fill your pan with hot tap water. Put on the stovetop on medium heat and bring to a simmer (for you non-cooks, this is a gentle or barely boil). Let this boil for about 5 minutes. (2) Put ¼ to ½ cup of baking soda into the pot or pan. (if the pot is large I recommend ½ cup). The concoction with bubble and froth, this is normal. It is a chemical reaction to your food. It may seem like this is a dangerous reaction, or you may be afraid of the fumes. Don’t worry, the only byproduct is carbon dioxide, which we breathe out on the daily. Let the mixture simmer for 10-15 minutes. This may seem like a long time, but the longer you let this go, the more the baking soda eats away at your gunk. (3) Drain your pan (carefully) in the sink and put a few tablespoons of coarse salt in the pot or pan. Take out your scrubby brush and lightly scrub, and then rinse. You should find that the food comes off extremely easily!

You’re done! Wash it, put it in the dishwasher or just leave it scrubbed out. I don’t mind what you do, but you will have a clean pan.

There will be pictures of the process.

I wanted to address stove tops – if you are like me, you have a glass top, this is the WORST to clean, ugh. There is a solution. Baking soda with just enough water to create a paste. Scrub this paste (I’m not gonna lie, it will take some elbow grease) on your glass top, focusing on the burnt on residue rings. This should take the greater majority off.

Well that’s all guys! Pots and pans and stovetop.

Remember you can do this the green way!


Callie Q 

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