Kitchen: Let's start with the Fridge

Hey Guys,

It’s Monday, dreaded Monday, and anyone who works, has kids, or pets knows…. This day starts the work week that will certainly be full of messes that little old you will need to clean.

Never fear, we can do this together. This week I will be sharing tips to get a clean……


The second worst place (Yes I think the bathroom is the worst) in the house for all those little nasties.

First we start with the fridge. This lifesaver for storing your goodies also acts as a collector of spills, crumbs, and dried crusties. YUCK

I will show you the EASY and green way to clean this awesome utility and restore it to its former glory.

You will need : Vinegar in a spray bottle (I got mine at the dollar store), warm water with a splash of dish soap, clean rag, all purpose cleaner (I use seventh generation), and just a wee bit of time (just 20 minutes!)

Here is a fridge I cleaned just a week ago for my business Redhead Cleaning Co

house cleaning asheville nc

cleaning services asheville nc

Pretty Much YUCK!!

Stuck on rings from jars of food, crumbs galore, and not to mention, an overall nasty smell.

We can tackle this without the harsh fumes of Chlorine Bleach or Clorox Kitchen sprays!

Take your food out of the fridge! You can certainly try to clean each shelf one at a time, but I promise it is faster to do it all at once.

->Tip: while you are taking your food out of the fridge, take a wet rag and wipe off the bottom of all jars, condiments, and containers. This keeps your fridge shelves clean when you reload your stuff. Nothing is worse than seeing your hard work immediately ruined.

Alright, take your cheap sprayer, fill with white vinegar and spray your entire fridge. Shelves, inside of drawers, inside the door, and under the bottom drawers.

Now we wait. Atleast 10 minutes. While you are waiting, check out the Facebook inspirational quote of the week ;)

Fill your sink with warm water and a splash of dish soap (I use Meyers) works great to cut though all that greasy, sticky mess.

Go ahead and take the shelves out of your fridge, now that the stuck on bits have had time to break down they should rinse off easily in your sink. Use your soapy water to wipe those crumbs off and then simply rinse. Same goes for the drawers.

Take your wet rag and start wiping down the walls and door panels.

->Tip: If you find your rag starts filling with dust that just wont come off by rinsing. Use a papertowel to do your final wipe.

I typically don’t use the all purpose spray unless there is a large sticky spot that is being stubborn. If this is the case for you, spray a good bit on the spot and let it sit for another few minutes before wiping off.

Your refrigerator, if you have noticed, does a great job of drying out anything you don’t put a cover on. For this reason, I don’t towel off the shelves before putting them back. Simply rinse and let drip dry for a few moments then put back. They will be dry by the end of the day.

The picture at the end is the finished product, took me about 15-20 minutes.

asheville house cleaning

Sorry for the poor picture quality, IPhones can be great with lighting or not so great…

Remember, you can do this the green way!


Callie Q

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