Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents

Today we are diving into a question I received on the job a few weeks ago. One of my customers asked “How do I get those streaks off of my bathroom walls?”. She was referring to the condensation or humidity dripping down the walls from taking a shower. If you live in the South, you know what I mean.

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Article #2 of the BATHROOM series… TUB & TILE.

Everyone… literally everyone hates to clean out their tub and scrub their tile. Its not that fun, and usually you will work up  sweat… but it just has to get done or you will end up with mold, mildew, or buildup.

Deep breath, we can do this. I have broken the tub and tile experience down to just 4 EASY STEPS.

Happy Thursday everyone.

I know its been awhile since I’ve written last… bear with me. My schedule gets crazy.

Today I wanted to start a series on the BATHROOM. Our favorite place to clean… NOT!

It’s usually full of wonderful delights for us to clean on a pretty regular basis. My job is to guide you through some easy ways to clean your bathroom the green way.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sorry I skipped last weeks post, but I was SWAMPED with Halloween to do lists. We are continuing the KITCHEN with pots and pans and maybe even the stovetop. Yes you heard me.

Imagine this, you are tired from work, school, life etc and you manage to muster the energy to cook dinner… and then there’s the aftermath. Those so called non-stick pans are caked with burnt residue or stuck on crusties from whatever delicious thing you made.

Good Morning All!

Dreaded Monday, sad I know, but we are continuing the KITCHEN series with our next topic. CABINETS

Kitchen Cabinets fall prey to all sorts of grimy spills, food trails, and crumbs; and they are often forgot about all together! The only time most people even think to wipe down the cabinets is either after a massive spill or when moving out. These poor drawers and doors are neglected and covered in germs.

Hey Guys,

It’s Monday, dreaded Monday, and anyone who works, has kids, or pets knows…. This day starts the work week that will certainly be full of messes that little old you will need to clean.

Never fear, we can do this together. This week I will be sharing tips to get a clean……


The second worst place (Yes I think the bathroom is the worst) in the house for all those little nasties.

Alright Guys,

It’s time for THE BASICS, 7 products (and supplies) you should use to get started on your green clean adventure. 

This is not as intimidating as it sounds and YES, for all you skeptics, green cleaning can still kill germs and keep your space sanitized.


Hello all,

This blog is for the Beginners and the Veterans, the ones starting out and those that want fresh ideas. It is dedicated to those that want a healthier, greener life but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry; I was in your shoes not too long ago. There is hope!